This shows which Willyers have become "WW Parents" by their bills being found, or by telling others about the site.
This site is maintained and updated by Beaker. Please email me with any problems or suggestions for this site.
Inspiration for this site - and a Where's George version - came mainly from this WG forum post. I liked that idea, and thought that if Hank didn't want to do that automatically, then I may as well do it myself.

How to be added to the Family Tree

To be added, please email me info about your Where's Willy? Parent or Children. If you started on WW by finding and entering a marked bill, then send me a link to your 1st bill.
If not, please send me a link to your profile (if you have one) as well as the info on your "Parent." If it was a Willyer who told you about the site, please send me the profile or anon email of that Willyer. If you heard about the site from a non-Willyer, let me know - there is a section for that. If you heard about WW? by reading a magazine, newspaper, or online news article, that is your Parent - please send a link to the article (if possible).

If you learned about WW? by seeing a marked bill but...

1. Didn't enter it
B. Entered it before registering, or...
iii. Entered a marked bill only to find it had no previous entry (an unfortunate potential result of MESing instead of EMSing - well, that or typos)

...if it was one of those 3, or if you just don't know why you joined or who told you, then you are an Orphan.

Here's how to find your WW Parent if you learned about the site because of a marked bill, or if you're not sure:
  1. Go to "Your Bills" and click "All Bills (as of yesterday)".
  2. Sort by: "Original Entry Time" / Order: "Asc(ending)".
  3. Look for the 1st bill listed - right-click and select "Open in New Window."
  4. Look at the first bill entry. If you were the 1st (Or only) entry, then you'll have to look elsewhere for your WW Parent.
  5. In the 'View User Profile' column, if there is a check mark, then that person has registered at Where's Willy? also. If so, that's great - you have a WW parent.
  6. Send me a link to the bill.
If you find you are an "Orphan" and are sure you entered a bill before registering, you can still try to find that bill. If you do not know the serial # at all, please go to "ToolBox / The Where's Willy? Postal Code Hit Report (Find all bills with hits in any Postal code!)," and enter the same postal code that you used when you initially entered the bill. Verify the dates and notes on the bill. Send the bill information to Hank. After Hank and/or Team Aqua receives the information from you, they will send you the full serial number. Then you can go to "ToolBox / Where's Willy? Lost and Found Department" and enter the required information to credit your account. Good luck!

To find WW offspring, go to Your Bills, click on All Bills with Hits, and look at each hit. If that person has a profile, check to see if the "Joined Where's Willy? on:" date matches the date the user entered your bill. If there is no profile, look at the note entered - if it says something like "1st bill entered" or "Came to this site after finding this bill" it is likely that user is your WW Child. If you are not sure, you can always email that person and ask if your bill was the 1st one they entered.

After locating your WW Parent and/or Child and sending the info to me, please email that person and ask for him/her to do the same. Thanks!

Much of this was shamelessy copied from Hans M. Guy in MAss.